Eco-friendly Christmas

If you think about the mountains of paper wrap let over at the end of Christmas – it’s a LOT of paper waste!

Here are so eco-friendly ideas for reducing waste and reusing Christmas wrappings/cards

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Christmas, Star Wars and Geisha – Ohh My!

My last restocking for the year and I’ve made some pretties for you 😀

First up, the most important reason to celebrate in December…….. that’s right……  Rogue One!!!! 😀

Ok no.. Just kidding, I mean Christmas (no… I really mean Rogue One)… 😀

So for all you fellow Star Wars fans, I have some very special pads!  Made from an adorable Knitorious custom print!

obsidianstar_neophyte_sw1storm1a obsidianstar_neophyte_sw1vader

As well as a couple of other pads in Star Wars fabrics.

obsidianstar_maiden_sw01 obsidianstar_priestess_sw01a obsidianstar_maiden_sw03

I’ve also marked down some of my older Star Wars pads, check those out here:


Then pads for the other celebration in December – Christmas! 😀

You’ll find these pads on my Cloth Pad Shop store

I’m also having a special on older Christmas pads, find them here

obsidianstar_neophyte_reindeer obsidianstar_neophyte_angels2

obsidianstar_nymph_redbluecat obsidianstar_nymph_redbluetree

obsidianstar_nymph_purplestocking obsidianstar_nymph_purplextree

(Yes, of course I have purple Christmas fabric!)

And last but not least….. just for a bit of fun, some Geisha and Tattoo Girls




Also some Mini pads

obsidianstar_mini_blackmaroon obsidianstar_mini_paisleyvelvet2 obsidianstar_mini_pinwale01b

obsidianstar_mini_ponies obsidianstar_mini_treeoflife-green obsidianstar_mini_treeoflife-red


I’ve spread the products over my 2 stores – my Obsidian Star website and my Cloth Pad Shop store.  If you would like to purchase items from both stores, place both orders and make payment for both orders.  I will then refund any excess postage from posting your 2 orders together.


Pads like the Geisha, Tattoo girls and SugarSW ones have been specially cut to make the most of the print, so they are priced higher due to the fabric being pricey as well as the extra wastage of cutting them like that.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Any purchase of Halloween themed products today will get some extra Halloween treats included in their order!  I’ve got some new Halloween and Sugar Skull pads on offer!!

obstar_halloween16_miniwitches obstar_halloween16_minipumpkincats obstar_halloween16_minicats obstar_halloween16_minicandycats

obstar_halloween16_aco-skull3 obstar_halloween16_mai-skull3 obstar_halloween16_neo-boop3 obstar_halloween16_neo-ghost3

obstar_halloween16_neo-skull3 obstar_halloween16_neo-sky3 obstar_halloween16_neo-trick3 obstar_halloween16_neo-witch3

obstar_halloween16_nym-witch3 obstar_halloween16_pri-cat3 obstar_halloween16_pri-witch3

As well as Halloween Pad Drying Straps (use them to make a chain of pads for space saving drying!)

obstar_padhangehalloween obsidianstar_padhangertree

.. and Sugar Skull Earrings

obsidianstar_skullearring1 obsidianstar_skullearring2 obsidianstar_skullearring3 obsidianstar_skullearring4


On my Cloth Pad Shop store (, use the code “OSHALLOWEEN” today only to get 25% off pads that are marked with a “sale” mark on them (I’ve reduced them by 1c so the sale marker comes up on them so you know which ones the code is valid on – as you can see in the pic)


Also – as a special offer I’m giving away 2 special Halloween shaped pads (Ghost and pumpkin) – on orders over $10 (excluding shipping). First come first served with these.  (My daughter nabbed the bat – sorry :D)


These special shapes were made so that I could create free patterns of these (which you can get by doing the CPS hunt!) – So they haven’t been tested (normally I’d have people trying new pad designs to make sure they fit well), which is why I am offering them for free.

A New Home!

The new site is now open!


So my lovely mehendi patterns are gone *sob* (couldn’t work out how to incorporate them in this new theme in a way that worked well) but the new layout is cleaner and I hope you’ll find it easier to find everything.

Sold out items now disappear from view, so they don’t clutter up the system.  I’ve also moved some of my stuff to a “bellydance” sub-site, because I thought the side menu was getting too long and complicated as it was, and I have my hat Pins and “Red Hatter” inspired stuff on another “Amaranthine” sub-site too  – both of those can be found by clicking “My Other Stores” on the top menu.

While transferring stuff from the old site I found a few products that had said they were sold out on the site but in my admin screen (and in reality) they weren’t sold…. Grrr!   so there’s some new (old) stock available (again) 🙂

I also realised there were an awful lot of Star Wars, Pirate, Superhero and similar print themes (mostly because they interest me so I go a bit mad making HEAPS of them :D), and barely any pretty florals and other such prints.  So I focused on making more floral pads for this stocking.

As a special offer – spend over $20 this month to receive your very own Obsidian Star!  😀 *

ObsidianStars(They are star shaped pendants, made from the obsidian gemstone I get my name from!)


New products added this month included:

Arabian Nights pads

ObsidianStar_Amira_bluemehendi ObsidianStar_Amira_burgandyflower ObsidianStar_Amira_burgandyflower4

ObsidianStar_lamba_arabiancity ObsidianStar_lamba_mehendi ObStar_Amira_Orange

More of my updated Nymph and Neophyte length pads

ObsidianStar_Nymph_calligraphy ObsidianStar_Nymph_floral ObsidianStar_Nymph_floral3

 ObsidianStar_Nymph_sewing ObsidianStar_Neophyte_roses ObsidianStar_Neophyte_medieval

Also some pantyliners in Mini and Nymph lengths

ObsidianStar_Mini_black ObsidianStar_Mini_stars ObsidianStar_Mini_medieval1

ObsidianStar_Nymph_geisgagrey ObsidianStar_Nymph_geisha ObsidianStar_Nymph_geisgagrey4

For lovers of the Base & Insert style pads, we have…

ObsidianStar_nymph_ai2 ObsidianStar_nymph_ai3 ObsidianStar_neophyte_rainbow-aio1


And finally… Cloth Pad Shop has moved too, (that new site design looks vaguely familiar 😉 ) and we’re celebrating our 9th birthday!

So I made some celebratory birthday themed pads!

ObsidianStar_acolyte_cake ObsidianStar_maiden_birthday ObsidianStar_maiden_cupcake2

ObsidianStar_Nymph_birthday1 ObsidianStar_Nymph_cakes ObsidianStar_Nymph_cupcakes2

*Spend over $20 not including postage to receive 1 obsidian star pendant.  While stocks last (although I have 50 of them so I shouldn’t run out :D)

Moving! (and a temporary closure)

I’ve been having a few issues with my web host, so it’s time to move!

I’ve been having troubles where items were overselling….. and where items were showing as sold out on the store when they weren’t sold out…  Also I’ve been waiting for the developer to add a free shipping discount for 7 years now, and fix some other tissues and it seems likely that stuff like that is never going to be updated/added…. so time to move.

… but in the latest ironic issue – I tried to have a 50% off sale to clear out some old stock in preparation to move – but it seems it broke the system and instead of giving 50% off only items in the sale category, it is giving up to 80% off some items, and discounting things that shouldn’t be discounted (which for some reason are being given anything from 15% to 55% off ???).  I tried removing the discounts and that’s not helped – it’s still stuck doing crazy stuff.


– so I’ve had to completely close the store down until that gets resolved.  😦

So that’s why the site is currently closed.   Stay tuned for info on when the new site will be up!!! 🙂


Updated Pad Shapes

I will still offer my old pad shapes as well (particularly as I have a HEAP already cut out!), but I have developed some slightly different variations on my Nymph, Neophyte, Maiden and Acolyte pad shapes (Priestess coming too).  Mostly it is making the wing a bit more pointy and making the ends a bit rounder.  I also sew these up a bit differently, using a method where I sew on the line I trace around my templates (instead of cutting on that line), which helps get the rounded shapes a little neater.  It does require more fabric and takes a bit longer to sew, so I generally charge a little more for these newer shapes, particularly if also using more expensive fabric.

Old and New Nymph

 ObStar_nymph_organicowlset ObStar_Autumn_harvestliner2b

Old and New Neophyte

obsidianstar_neophyte_27715_brownflower ObsidianStar_Neophyte_medieval

Old and New Maiden

obsidianstar_maiden_27715_betty ObsidianStar_2016_3_NMaiden_Owl

Old and New Acolyte

obsidianstar_hybrid_27715_batik1 ObStar_Autumn_Acolyte1


I wanted to make a blog post addressing this topic, as it’s something that is discussed a lot, with a lot of pad brands.  When people talk about cloth pads “bunching” they are generally meaning 1 of 2 things.  Either the back fabric of the pad “bunching”, or the pad “bunching” the underwear fabric when the pad is snapped onto the underwear.

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Latest Stocking

I’ve made up a bunch of cute little tiny pad keyrings!

obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_blueswirl2 obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_purpleblue2 obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_purpleflower2

obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_purplepocket obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_redpirate2 obsidianstar_27715_Keyring_TardisSwirl

Including a pocket pad version, which can be used to carry little things!  Awwwww 😀

And some regular sized, actual pads!

“Arabian Nights” pads

obsidianstar_ArabianMaiden_27715_paisley obsidianstar_ArabianMaiden_27715_red2 obsidianstar_ArabianNymph_27715_hamsa obsidianstar_ArabianNymph_27715_paisley obsidianstar_ArabianNymph_27715_purple

Regular Pads

obsidianstar_nymph_27715_strawberrypatch obsidianstar_nymph_27715_owl2

obsidianstar_neophyte_27715_strawberrygingham obsidianstar_neophyte_27715_strawberrypink obsidianstar_neophyte_27715_sugarskullwhite

(check the snaps on the strawberry ones!!!!)

obsidianstar_hybrid_27715_batik1 obsidianstar_hybrid_27715_sugarskullback obsidianstar_maiden_27715_betty obsidianstar_maiden_27715_sugarskullred obsidianstar_maiden_27715_sugarskullwhite

Bamboo Hemp

Just to let you know… I’ve made the decision to switch the absorbent core material I use…

I was using a 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton fleece (where possible, and occasionally a non-organic cotton blend one when I couldn’t get the organic). From now on I will be using a 70% bamboo / 30% hemp fleece for my pad cores.

As usual, all my product listings list the fabrics used, so you can see which core fabric is used in which pads.  Some pads on my site still have the bamboo/cotton fleece core, some have bamboo/hemp.

While hemp is more absorbent than cotton, the bamboo/cotton fleece I was using is 400gsm (heavy-weight), whereas the bamboo/hemp fleece is 320gsm (medium-weight), the fabric is not as thick. I believe my pad layering should be sufficient though that this difference should not be noticeable, particularly in pads with PUL. In my non-waterproofed pads, I add an extra layer of flannelette in those anyway, but you may need to check for leaks to make sure the new pads function the same way the old pads do.

I’ve done some calculations on pad absorbency at the bottom of this post, which you may find interesting.

The slight reduction in absorbency is something I have thought very hard about, but I felt that it was something I needed to do, in order to fit my lifestyle philosophy.

The reason I have switched is that while organic cotton is quite an eco-friendly fabric, I personally feel (based on reports I’ve read) that hemp is a more eco-friendly fabric than even organic cotton (and certainly than non-organic cotton), also the hemp/cotton (non-organic) blend I would sometimes buy is also bleached, whereas the bamboo/hemp fabric is not.

I really feel that it is important to help support the hemp textiles industry, as I feel this is a very sustainable and useful crop, that is not being used enough!

So I feel the bamboo/hemp fleece provides a good mix of the soft and absorbent bamboo with the durable and eco-friendly hemp.

Hemp crops require half as much land for the yield than cotton, hemp also requires half as much water to grow. In processing, cotton uses more than 4 times more water than hemp. So even taking pesticides out of the equation (regular cotton crops require a lot of pesticides, but organic cotton and hemp do not)…. hemp still appears to be a far better crop for the environment. So I feel we should support hemp textiles over cotton.

To test the absorbencies of different fabrics, I took 10cm square pieces of the (prewashed) bamboo/cotton fleece and the bamboo/hemp fleece. (I also tested flannelette and zorb too)

I compared the weight of the samples when dry, and then let them absorb as much hot water as they can (left them soaking in a bowl of water for a minute, squeezed the water out then put it back in to absorb more, repeated then left that to soak for a few more minutes).  I then lifted them out of the bowl by one corner and waited until they stopped dripping – and then weighed them to see how much liquid they had absorbed. (comparing the wet weight to the dry weight)

Results are here:
Zorb (Not sure which version) – Dry 3g – Wet 25g – Absorbed^ 22g
Bamboo/Cotton fleece (400gsm) – Dry 4g – Wet 23g – Absorbed 19g
Cotton flannelette (2 layers) – Dry 4g – Wet 19g – Absorbed 15g
Bamboo/Hemp fleece 320gsm – Dry 3.5g* – Wet 19g – Absorbed 15.5g
Hemp/Cotton fleece 350gsm – Dry 4g – Wet 19g – Absorbed 15g

^ The zorb initially held a lot of water, but (like a sponge), the water just poured out of it for a long time. So while it can hold onto a lot of liquid, unlike the natural fibres, it can’t keep it all (it’s not “absorbing” as such). It’s not actually trapping most of it inside the fibres, the water will stay there only if there is nowhere else for it to go. (Which is why it can “compression leak”).

* my scales are only accurate to full grams, this sample kept bouncing between 3 and 4 grams. So I’m putting it as 3.5 g

So ultimately, in a 25cm long pad, the core inside is about 5cm wide by 20cm long, so 1 layer of core would be about the equivalent to one of the 10×10 squares of fabric I tested.

A “regular” absorbency 25cm (Neophyte) pad would have 2 layers of core fabric (so 2 swatches worth), plus I do a full layer of flannelette (so lets add on the flannelette swatch absorbency since the pad shape is single layer, but larger than a 10×10 square).  So a new bamboo/hemp pad would have about 46g absorbency, the old bamboo/cotton core pad have about 53g absorbency.   A difference of 7mls.

That is only how much the pad core will absorb without dripping though.  The amount of liquid it will hold in total, especially in a pad with PUL where it won’t leak through even when the core is sodden, could easily be twice that.

To put that into reference for menstrual flow, the “average” woman reportedly has a flow of about 10-80ml over their entire period, and you’re expected to change your pad every 3-4 hours for hygiene reasons.  So even if you have a heavier than “normal” flow that is double that amount….. a regular day may only be about 30mls over the whole day.  So you should be well covered for several hours with even a regular absorbency Neophyte pad with PUL 😀

A few of my favourite things

So… it’s my birthday today, and I decided to do a special stocking of “my favourite things” (or some of them :D)  I’ve also collected together some products in this theme and put them into a “my Favourite things” category.

As a special birthday offer, I’m giving away soaps and birthday cake!


Photo isn’t very clear, but I’ve used my Han Solo in Carbonite, and Portal Companion Cube ice cube trays to make some soaps.  I have 10 mini Han soaps for the first 10 people to order, and 2 of each of the larger soaps for orders over $20, who have satchel shipping (since the soaps can’t go as a “letter”).  Also the first 10 (satchel again) orders will get a mini cake, because I want to share my birthday noms (even if it’s not actual birthday cake as such :P).. and everyone should have the chance to get their cake and eat it too 😀

So you’ll find things like Purple, Paisley, Geisha, Sushi, Bacon, Gaming, Super Heroes…. these are a few of my favourite things 😀

I’ve even used some special engraved snaps!

tardissnap2 vadersnap


myfavouritethings“My Favourite Things”:
Newly added items:


Mini Pantyliners

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Creeper ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_DenimPaisley

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Geisha  ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Hamsa

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_LavPaisley ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_MagentaPaisley

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_LimeSushi ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Whitesushi

New Pad Shape – Hourglass

(Done as base & insert and pocket pad styles)

ObsidianStar_20415_Hour_PaisleyMinkyPocket1 ObsidianStar_20415_Hour_MinkyStripePocket1

ObsidianStar_BI_BlackPaisley1 ObsidianStar_BI_MintCupcake1

ObsidianStar_BI_PurSwirl2 ObsidianStar_BI_Rainbow1

Nymph, Neophyte, Maiden & Priestess Pads

(Most of these fabric combinations are available in all these sizes)

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_Avenger2b2 ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_SW04b

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_DWBox1b ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_DWSwirl1b

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_SW06a ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_SW2c

ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Avenger1 ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_AvengerBlue1

ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Comic1b ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Triforce1

 ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_WW1b ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_CptAmer1b

ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_SW01a ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_Batman-Flan

ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_SW02a ObsidianStar_20415_P_SW01


Also…. not part of “my favourite things”, but newly added today…

Pad Hangers

Save space and let your pads dry quicker by snapping your pads in a chain!  These come with a clip on the end to hang a wingless pad/wetbag/booster, and support both size 16 and size 20 KAM snaps.

ObsidianStar_20415_PadHanger1 ObsidianStar_20415_PadHangerLong


Lunch bags

Procare lined lunch bags, snack bags and sandwich wrap

ObsidianStar_20415_LunchBag_star ObsidianStar_20415_LunchBag_spot