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Unfortunately, due to time constraints and trying to keep my sanity :), I had to stop offering customs (“Customs” are where a customer can order something custom made to their specifications).

I find that offering customs leaves me with very little time to sew stock for my store, and I’m left stressing over getting customs done quickly and the fact I have no time left for anything else.

However, I do offer to take “suggestions”.

You can suggest something here that you’d like me to make.  While I will not specially make something up for you as such, you are welcome to tell me the sort of thing you are after, and I can look at making something like it for the next time I do a stocking. If you’re really keen on something you’ve suggested, I can let you know I will be stocking it, so that you can have the first opportunity to purchase it before it is available to everyone else (and you are under no obligation to buy it – since you simply suggested it).

I sometimes find it hard to decide on what to sew up next (so much fabric – so little time!!), and I can’t always have things in stock to suit everyone, so I’m happy to have suggestions 🙂

For example you’d like me to add more orange pads… or synthetic topped Goddess pads…. or narrower winged maidens….or organic Mini liners… or if you’d like me to restock something that has sold out. Please feel free to let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

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