QLD Flood Relief Auctions

North Queensland, Australia, has been hit by a category 5 cyclone, not long after devastating floods had already ravaged the area. While it seems that the damage is (luckily) a lot less than was anticipated (perhaps largely due to advanced warning and the fact that a large cyclone went through in 2006 and buildings since then have been upgraded and built to withstand more severe cyclones), there is still significant damage and a HUGE amount of cleanup and rebuilding required. Added to this that this part of Australia is responsible for a large amount of produce and animal farming, mining and tourism, which all suffer greatly with a disaster such as this. Stock prices have already fallen in some areas, and the financial impact of this disaster will be felt even by those not directly affected by the cyclone and flooding.

I decided to try and get some fundraising auctions started up at Cloth Pad Shop, to try and raise some money for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, which will go towards helping to rebuilding Queensland.  While I am focusing my efforts on the QLD disaster, Victoria also has a flood appeal through the Red Cross… http://www.redcross.org.au, as there has been widespread flooding and loss of property, crops etc. here also.

Not only has the widespread flooding, and now the cyclone destroyed people’s houses, community buildings, railway lines etc.  It has also wiped out a large portion of fruit, vegetable, sugar and grain crops, disrupted mining and tourism.  This then affects people’s livelihood, with some farmers losing an entire year’s worth of income, on top of property loss/damage…

So I encourage people to donate to the appeal to help our fellow Australians out.  So much rebuilding needs to be done!

I’ve made up some pads to auction off, and I’ll add a couple of pieces of jewellery to the auctions next week as well.

Please dig deep and help support this cause.  We are also seeking other items to auction off, so if you have something (particularly something a woman would use/like, since it’s being run on a pad site :D), please let me know.


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