A bit slack on the old news front… but here goes :)

I’d been meaning to post before now, but things just kept distracting me (“ohh, shiny thing!” – no, not like that :P)  Anyhoo…

If you’re on the mailing list for the Cloth Nappy Hunt, you’d no doubt have known that there is no hunt this month 😦 but there is still a discount code and discounts to be had.  Including from my stores – I’m offering 10% off during March when you use the official hunt code.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing you for a proper hunt in Sept 😉

The Lunette coloured cups are now in stock!  They arrived today.

I’ve got a special themed stocking coming up later this month, that I’d been planning for a while but procrastination keeps getting in the way of getting it finished.. but it’s going to include both pads and jewellery (jewellery that is much different to what I normally do), so that’s hopefully something for you to look forward to 😀

I’ll be in the Cloth Pad Shop chat room tomorrow (Friday) night from 8pm Australian Eastern Daylightsavings time. Just go to the chat page – http://www.clothpadshop.com/pages/chat  put in a name in the spot, click to connect and you’re in!  Ask questions, have a chat…  The main theme for the chat is reusable menstrual products of course, but you’re welcome to talk about anything else too.  I’m not sure which other CPS ladies will be joining me, but I’m sure there will be a few of us to answer any questions and have a good old natter.  I’ll also have some sort of special or giveaway for the night, so there’s some incentive to come along 😉

And lastly,  A few months ago I found out that Alicia Silverstone promotes the use of cloth pads, as part of her “Kind Life” approach to living – which is awesome! http://www.thekindlife.com/post/pads-and-tampons-oh-my, I think it’s brilliant that a high profile woman like that can come out and discuss something that is so important, but so rarely talked about.  So I asked if I could send her some pads as a thank you for spreading the word about cloth,  so this is what I sent her:

Since I didn’t know what sort of pads she might like, I included some AIOs, some organic cotton, some bamboo velour, a few different sizes.  I hope she likes them.

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