A few of my favourite things

So… it’s my birthday today, and I decided to do a special stocking of “my favourite things” (or some of them :D)  I’ve also collected together some products in this theme and put them into a “my Favourite things” category.

As a special birthday offer, I’m giving away soaps and birthday cake!


Photo isn’t very clear, but I’ve used my Han Solo in Carbonite, and Portal Companion Cube ice cube trays to make some soaps.  I have 10 mini Han soaps for the first 10 people to order, and 2 of each of the larger soaps for orders over $20, who have satchel shipping (since the soaps can’t go as a “letter”).  Also the first 10 (satchel again) orders will get a mini cake, because I want to share my birthday noms (even if it’s not actual birthday cake as such :P).. and everyone should have the chance to get their cake and eat it too 😀

So you’ll find things like Purple, Paisley, Geisha, Sushi, Bacon, Gaming, Super Heroes…. these are a few of my favourite things 😀

I’ve even used some special engraved snaps!

tardissnap2 vadersnap


myfavouritethings“My Favourite Things”: http://www.obsidianstar.com.au/category/119
Newly added items: http://www.obsidianstar.com.au/category/96


Mini Pantyliners

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Creeper ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_DenimPaisley

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Geisha  ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Hamsa

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_LavPaisley ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_MagentaPaisley

ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_LimeSushi ObsidianStar_20415_Mini_Whitesushi

New Pad Shape – Hourglass

(Done as base & insert and pocket pad styles)

ObsidianStar_20415_Hour_PaisleyMinkyPocket1 ObsidianStar_20415_Hour_MinkyStripePocket1

ObsidianStar_BI_BlackPaisley1 ObsidianStar_BI_MintCupcake1

ObsidianStar_BI_PurSwirl2 ObsidianStar_BI_Rainbow1

Nymph, Neophyte, Maiden & Priestess Pads

(Most of these fabric combinations are available in all these sizes)

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_Avenger2b2 ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_SW04b

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_DWBox1b ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_DWSwirl1b

ObsidianStar_20415_Ny_SW06a ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_SW2c

ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Avenger1 ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_AvengerBlue1

ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Comic1b ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_Triforce1

 ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_WW1b ObsidianStar_20415_Neo_CptAmer1b

ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_SW01a ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_Batman-Flan

ObsidianStar_20415_Mai_SW02a ObsidianStar_20415_P_SW01


Also…. not part of “my favourite things”, but newly added today…

Pad Hangers

Save space and let your pads dry quicker by snapping your pads in a chain!  These come with a clip on the end to hang a wingless pad/wetbag/booster, and support both size 16 and size 20 KAM snaps.

ObsidianStar_20415_PadHanger1 ObsidianStar_20415_PadHangerLong


Lunch bags

Procare lined lunch bags, snack bags and sandwich wrap

ObsidianStar_20415_LunchBag_star ObsidianStar_20415_LunchBag_spot

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