Shop is very empty! But restocking soon!!

I’ll be restocking over the next few weeks as I’m REALLY low on stock in pretty much everything!     Check my Cloth Pad Shop store this week for a special themed stocking 😉

I’ll be stocking most sizes, but if there is anything in particular you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll try to make sure I include it.


To bring the tone down a little 😛  I’d like to explain why I’ve been rather absent lately.

The last 5 months have been quite difficult for me.   Just before Christmas my Interstate Grandmother died (which caused a bit of stress too because I’m estranged with my mother and I wasn’t sure what would happen with that).  Then in January my husband’s Uncle died.  February a friend of mine died suddenly out of the blue and March a very close friend (in unrelated circles to the other friend) committed suicide.  4 people in 4 months!  It’s really unbelievable.  (In the 12 months before that I lost my other Grandma and hubby lost another Uncle 😦 – so I’ve forbidden anyone else dying for at least a few years!)

There was obviously the grief of losing them – although I think I also had trouble because due to various situations with them all, I never really had the chance to properly grieve.  I found out about my Grandmother while I was out shopping with my daughter, so needed to keep it together and by the time I got home I sort of lost that opportunity to get it out.  At the funeral everyone kept saying “don’t cry you’ll make me cry” so I couldn’t let it out then either.  The friend that took her life, was in a coma for a while – so that was a weird situation where we knew she wasn’t coming back but she wasn’t gone yet so we couldn’t properly say goodbye until she was officially gone.  Such a difficult time.

I found it hard to motivate myself to do any really… much less get sewing done.

Also just to make life even more peachy 😛 I also had sudden pain in my foot a couple of months ago, which the Dr suspected was a stress fracture (due to the fact I’ve got an ankle injury from when I twisted it over 2 years ago, so I’m often limping around because my ankle still hurts), but after 2 weeks immobilized in a CAMwalker (Moonboot) and a bone scan I was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis in both my foot and ankle (So unfortunately not a stress fracture that would heal on its own).  So this diagnosis made me very depressed because I’m unsure now if I’ll be able to get back into dancing that I used to do (but haven’t been able to for 2 years because every time I dance my ankle is painful for days afterwards)….. since arthritis is more likely to get worse as I get older, rather than getting better as I’d been hoping.

So I had a lot of buried grief and also a bit of depression wondering what I was doing in my life and what’s the point of everything.

You see, even though I don’t work outside of the home, I get very busy as I have a lot of little things I do, that all add up to taking up a lot of my time.  In addition to making pads for Obsidian Star and jewellery and things for Amaranthine – I run Cloth Pad Shop (so I help the sellers and customers as well as make sure the website is running) and MMMM.  I’m part of the Red Hat Society where I’m a member of one chapter, Queen of my own and I run our (unofficial) state website.  I run a website that tries to have info on all the menstrual cups available.  I run a couple of facebook groups.  I’m a Mum 😀  Then in my spare time I like to Cosplay, I’m a member of The Rebel Legion (Star Wars charity group).  There’s probably other things I can’t think of off the top of my head 😀

So it got me thinking about what I do in life that gives me enjoyment and what I do that I only do because I feel obligated to do it.  Since life is short!

I’ve decided to lighten my load a bit, and I’m getting out of my depressed funk now.  I’m looking forward to getting to sewing again!

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