Long time no post

Well, it’s been an adventure! After suddenly finding the cracks in our house were serious and we were better off moving than repairing (because we didn’t like the house anyway, and it was going to need restumping and other expensive repairs). We eventually found a new house we love and have moved!

We’ve only been in the new house a month, so not yet unpacked everything – but getting there. Luckily it’s a bit too chilly at the moment to be distracted by the POOL!!!! (I’ve always wanted a pool, and now we have one, I feel so posh! ) And we have solar panels! Which I’ve always wanted!!

It’s not an area we would have chosen to move to (it’s lovely, but it’s further from public transport than we’d like) – but I’d seen photos online and loved the (pool) house and when we went to see it, it just felt right! It’s lovely and peaceful here – lots of birds and I have a little pond of fish and a lot of garden (pray I don’t kill anything! I have a terrible black thumb!!)

So, I’ve reopened my store. I’ll be adding Halloween themed pads next week. But I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to make new pads this year at all, I really need to finish unpacking and setting up the house – I also have MiniObsi’s 16th birthday in 2 weeks (so not so Mini any more!) and now we have a new house that has entertaining space, we’re now having a Halloween party – so Mini and I have a lot of preparation to do for that, and we’re going to host the family Christmas party (which I’d been wanting to do for years but didn’t have a house that worked for that).

Busy busy!

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