Yet another “Long time no post”

It’s been a while…. a looooong while.

As I posted about here ( – life has been a little rough over the last couple of years. We had a few more difficult events too. Both my Grandfathers passed away during the pandemic and I was unable to go to the funerals. We ended up having to have our dog put down. A storm knocked out power to our whole town – in the middle of winter and while we were in lockdown! So we had 5 days stuck in our home with no power, which also then wiped out all the food we had stored in the fridge and freezer…. I started sewing up cloth face masks and bought a heap of fabric from Spotlight online, but they refunded most of it – in a bunch of separate refunds, which made paypal flag my account for suspicious activity and I had to fight it…. so loooong story short, I no longer use paypal…

Frankly, it’s all been just a bit too much. So I ended up having to take a break from sewing everything.

Though, I did finish getting my sewing room set up nicely!

Of course, it stopped looking quite so neat and organised about 2 mins after taking that pic 😉 😀

This is my sewing table. (I have alternating grey and purple cube baskets now – this was taken before the purple ones had arrived). I have a little ironing board (with purple cover) on the drawers (snap press is just out of view on the side), and then behind me is my computer desk. So I can just swivel around when I need to, and I can iron/cut/sew/snap all without even leaving my chair!

Those fabric cube basket things hold a few things, including more fabrics, things like my PUL, overflow flannels I couldn’t fit in the cupboard, and the pieces of core fleeces I’m currently cutting from (the rest is in the wardrobe).

Behind the purple curtain is the wardrobe (I took the doors off because there isn’t enough space between there and the desk for the doors to open properly). In there is (messy :P) shelving where I have the bulkier fabrics, like minky, fleeces, velours and my backing fabrics (which I have lots of). As well as the drawers I store my stock in.

The fabric storage cupboards on the other wall ended up working BRILLIANTLY!

The fabrics are all wrapped around Comic Book Backing Boards. (I found the idea online! – acid free card, so it won’t damage the fabric) I can’t remember now if I bought 300 or 400 baking cards… but on 2 shelves you can see that I have lots of boards I cut in half to store smaller amounts of fabric on – to help make the boards go further.

This is what it looks like when the doors are closed. I put some nice wrapping paper behind the glass panels, to keep the sunlight from fading the fabric.

So…. that’s been the good and the bad.

But….. I’ve finally got my sewing mojo back! I’ve been busy sewing a Halloween pad stocking that I’ll announce shortly!

Also I bought myself a fancy (and cheap!) photo lightbox on ebay, so now I can take photos inside with good lighting and don’t have to rely on taking photos outside to get nice lighting, (and trying to find a day that has nice weather and isn’t trying to blow the pads off my photo boards!)

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  1. Lyn

     /  October 17, 2022

    So glad you are back.

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