Yet another “Long time no post”

It’s been a while…. a looooong while.



I wanted to make a blog post addressing this topic, as it’s something that is discussed a lot, with a lot of pad brands.  When people talk about cloth pads “bunching” they are generally meaning 1 of 2 things.  Either the back fabric of the pad “bunching”, or the pad “bunching” the underwear fabric when the pad is snapped onto the underwear.


Not impressed, Spotlight!

I don’t normally use my business blog to rant about things (I save that for my personal blog and facebook hehe) – but this really needs to be said I feel… since it’s  messing with how I purchase fabric, and that my friends, is totally not on 😛


What on earth were you thinking when you designed the new system of purchasing fabric?

At first I thought it was just because my local store is being renovated and the cutting counter didn’t have registers installed yet – but no, this is apparently the way stores are going to be run now  o.O

So now rather than going to the fabric counter, getting a ticket – waiting your turn, having your fabric cut, paying for it there, and leaving…. (like you do *EVERYWHERE ELSE*)

You’ve apparently decided that a “quicker” system is for you to go to the fabric counter, get a ticket, wait your turn, have your fabric cut…. then they roll your fabric up in individual lots, wrap plastic wrap around each one, print a price barcode for each one, stick that to your fabric bundles – then you have to walk to the front counters, line up there (or use the self service checkouts that put people out of jobs, which I refuse to use)… to actually purchase your fabric.


????  Seriously ????

What sort of idiot decides that system is quicker?  The woman at the cutting counter says it’s so they can serve people quicker and reduce waiting times on the cutting counter.

So in order to potentially save other customers having to wait a few moments longer to get served, now everyone has to go through this double counter system, which for most people will end up taking longer than it would have before?  Gee… thanks…

What if the customer is buying multiple pieces of fabric?  (like I normally do) – by the time they individually wrap and barcode each item, I can’t see that being anything but *slower* than the original system – and then the poor customer has to spend more of their time at the registers paying separately for their fabric.

So your new “quicker” system is slower and infinitely more annoying.

As someone who frequents spotlight regularly, I would much rather wait a little longer at the cutting counter than have to have my fabric cut in one place and then pay for it separately at another counter.

So I guess I’ll now be doing most of my shopping at Lincraft and online.  I refuse to support such a retarded purchasing system.

Not to mention the amount of wastage of plastic to wrap each piece of fabric (which they said they do because the sticky label barcodes can ruin the fabric), and wastage of printing barcodes.  So we’re told to limit wasting plastic shopping bags by bringing our own reusable ones – only to have the fabric wrapped up in metres and metres of unnecessary plastic wrap – just to “save time”.  Sterling idea.

It makes me wonder how many people take their little fabric bundles up to the front counters to pay – decide the wait would be too long and just dump their precut fabric… or just slip it into their bags and leave without paying.

So this new system is not only slower and more annoying for customers, produces more wasteful packaging plastics and has a higher chance of product loss and spoilage….  Well done spotlight!

I have to wonder if it is because they want to funnel people into the new look labyrinth of checkout – Because that’s now changed in my local store too – you have to wind your way around a maze of shelving that once the store is properly finished – will no doubt hold products they hope you’ll impulse buy…. so is that why we now have to pay separately?  so we can hopefully purchase some extra things we didn’t think of and they can make more money from us?

When I complained to the staff member at the registers, she said lots of people have been complaining – so I know I’m not the only one who finds this system ridiculous (surely anyone with half a brain can see it’s not a good idea at all)


..oh… and you can also now buy pet supplies there….. yep…  Because I know I always go to my local fabric store to pick up a dog collar…..

</end of rant>

Eco friendly Gift Giving

How many rolls of paper wrap do you buy each year to wrap your presents??? If you’re like most people, a lot… How many packs of cards do you buy and receive… Sure, paper is recyclable… but it’s still incredibly wasteful.

But if you still want to give lovely wrapped gifts and cards though, there is are better options!!


Print or Fleece?

I’m sewing up a huge batch of fold-up pads at the moment. The only problem is, I can decide if I should put them hemp fleece side up (nice and soft) or the cotton print up!  The hemp fleece feels really nice and soft, though in some washing it can get a little stiff…. and of course the fleece is pale cream, so some people like a printed top to help disguise any stains.

I’ve been making 4 of each print, so think I’ll have to sew up one each way, then offer the other 2 as a “you pick”. But help me out here, what would your preference be? Hemp fleece top or cotton print top?


I go to sit at the sewing machine, and I see that the Sewtroopers have been using my machine while I sleep, and got themselves into a pickle. (That or Hubby has been messing around with my stuff again!)

Lets chat about chat!

Our chat went well the other day, with about 14 people popping in to chat over the evening.  Many questions were asked that night and I think most people had a great evening, chatting about pads and how much we all hate tampons 🙂

We have a chatroom over at Cloth Pad Shop (, I’d love to host a chat every now and then…. even once a month…  it can be a sort of “red tent” thing, where we jut chat about anything to do with menstruation or woman hood or just hang out with like-minded women… or it can also be a chance for people to ask questions and discuss topics they want help with.

What do you think?  Would you be interested in this, and if so, what day/time would be most convenient for you (please give timezone!)

The one we had was 8pm Friday, which is a good time for me, but I don’t know how that is for International people.  We could do it the 2nd Friday of the month or something?  So it’s always at a regular time so people know.

Earth Hour

Did you celebrate Earth Hour?  What did you do?

I think Earth Hour is a great way to highlight our energy wastage and show people that you can make simple changes that can make a difference.  Sure, we’re asked to turn off “non essential lighting” – but if you go further, like I do, you can start before the hour, go for a little while after the hour, and turn off more than just the lights. It makes you aware of the things around the home that use power, many of which aren’t actually being used.

We go around and switch the powerboards off at the wall, turning off things like the TV, VCR and other things that have a lit display even when the item isn’t in use.  We even turn off the fridge (freezing a plastic bottle of water beforehand and putting it in the fridge will keep the contents cold during Earth Hour).

One of the main areas I think the change comes in, is at hubby’s work.  He works at a university, were they usually all just walk out at the end of the day – leaving everything (lights, PCs etc.) all on over the night or weekend, despite nobody being there – terribly wasteful!  😦 While I haven’t managed to  persuade hubby to turn it all off every night, he does make a special effort on the Friday before Earth Hour – and he makes sure his PC is off, and turns off the lights and the monitors of the others who leave their PCs on.  Saving a fair bit of power over the entire weekend that would otherwise be wasted.  I hope that eventually people will stop leaving things on all weekend!  and will realise that if it’s not that hard to do to prepare for Earth Day, it’s not too hard to do every Friday!!

Where we’d normally have 2 PCs and the Tv running all night, we instead turned all that off and by candle light sat and read from about 7pm to 10pm.  We even turned off the heater 😀  So I lay on the couch, snuggled in my favourite paisley cuddle-fleece blanket, reading a Star Wars novel – and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the quiet evening for a change!

Last year I took the opportunity to have a decadent bath!  I grabbed a candle, some essential oils and a good book and spent an our getting all pruney in the bath 😀

The year before, the dog and I (and my ipod) went for a hour long walk, as we roamed the streets spying on the neighbours, seeing whose houses were dark and whose occupants weren’t celebrating Earth Hour.

Cloth Pad Donations

I haven’t forgotten about them… 🙂 I just need to get some time to sew up some more to ship off.  I’ve also decided that the box if underpants I bought to sew pantyliners into (that I stopped making) will be donated to charity too.

I contacted SHE a few months ago, to ask if I was able to donate a portion of all my sales to them.  I figured if I could set aside, say $1 from each pad, each time it got to $28, I could make a donation to their cause.  Unfortunately they said no 😦  which is a bit of a shame…  so I think I’ll be sticking with Project Thrive, Shanti Uganda and One Moon Project next time I’m doing pad donations.

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