Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Any purchase of Halloween themed products today will get some extra Halloween treats included in their order!  I’ve got some new Halloween and Sugar Skull pads on offer!!

obstar_halloween16_miniwitches obstar_halloween16_minipumpkincats obstar_halloween16_minicats obstar_halloween16_minicandycats

obstar_halloween16_aco-skull3 obstar_halloween16_mai-skull3 obstar_halloween16_neo-boop3 obstar_halloween16_neo-ghost3

obstar_halloween16_neo-skull3 obstar_halloween16_neo-sky3 obstar_halloween16_neo-trick3 obstar_halloween16_neo-witch3

obstar_halloween16_nym-witch3 obstar_halloween16_pri-cat3 obstar_halloween16_pri-witch3

As well as Halloween Pad Drying Straps (use them to make a chain of pads for space saving drying!)

obstar_padhangehalloween obsidianstar_padhangertree

.. and Sugar Skull Earrings

obsidianstar_skullearring1 obsidianstar_skullearring2 obsidianstar_skullearring3 obsidianstar_skullearring4


On my Cloth Pad Shop store (http://www.clothpadshop.com.au/store/obsidian-star), use the code “OSHALLOWEEN” today only to get 25% off pads that are marked with a “sale” mark on them (I’ve reduced them by 1c so the sale marker comes up on them so you know which ones the code is valid on – as you can see in the pic)


Also – as a special offer I’m giving away 2 special Halloween shaped pads (Ghost and pumpkin) – on orders over $10 (excluding shipping). First come first served with these.  (My daughter nabbed the bat – sorry :D)



These special shapes were made so that I could create free patterns of these (which you can get by doing the CPS hunt!) – So they haven’t been tested (normally I’d have people trying new pad designs to make sure they fit well), which is why I am offering them for free.

Australia Day Giveaway! – Closed


To celebrate Australia Day, I’m giving away an Aussie flag pad! (with cute heart snaps 🙂 )


To enter, comment below telling me (in 25 words or less):

Where in Australia you love the most, and why?



And the winner is…… Kristie!

“Today is Australia day,
and it’s too bloody hot,
Turn on the air con and get out of my spot.”

It was really hard to choose between the entries, I liked them all.  Having lived on the Gold Coast for a while, where it was a 15 min drive into lush rainforest in one direction, or a 15 min drive and you’re on the beach in the other direction – I can appreciate how nice it is to live somewhere that gives you those options in close distance.  And I really liked the creative and cheeky aspect of the other entry 🙂

So I’m going to send a little something to the “runner’s up” too 😀

Thank you to all those who entered!


Competition Rules:
Entry is open to Australian Residents only.  Competition will be drawn after 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on the 26th January 2015.  Winner will be chosen by me, as the entry I think is the best/most creative answer (so feel free to write a poem or be funny if you like!  When you comment on this post as your entry, you need to make sure you have filled out the e-mail address part of the comment form, so that I can contact you.  However, do not include your address or contact information in your message (you don’t want that published publicly).   Limit to ONE entry per person.   If I am unable to contact the winner (to get postage details), or the winner has not responded by 10pm Tuesday 27th January 2015, the pad will be re-drawn. I will pay for regular postage to an Australian address.  Should the package be damaged in transit or not arrive, I will not post a replacement.  You are welcome to pay the extra for registered post if you would like the security of that.

Pad information:  The pad you will receive is a “Nymph” length pad, cotton drill topped, 2 layers bamboo fleece core (sewn to a layer of flannelette) with non-waterproof microfleece backing.  The pad you will receive is as shown above, and is a slight “seconds” due to a flaw in the fabric I didn’t notice until I’d sewn it up (close up view). 


Now open!

The stores are now reopened!

I’ve got some new stock added, find that here:


You’ll also find some specials on at the moment…

15% off all Xmas stock


50% off all Lunchbags, 40% off Aprons & other savings

And the special “Freebie Friday” category, where you can grab some stuff for cost of postage only:


I also have some pads and wetbags for sale, where the proceeds from the sales will be sent to Days for Girls

Freebie Friday Garage Sale

I’ve been really busy for the last few months and not had a chance to make much new stock 😦  And I’ve had to close my stores down for a bit while I was busy with life stuff too…

But I am reopening tomorrow, and I’m having a little clean out.  So tomorrow at around 8pm Melbourne (Australian) time I’ll be having a bit of a garage sale!

I have some old (and very old) stock that I’ve had sitting around not sure what to do with… I felt throwing it out was just a waste, so I thought I’d give it away.  You just need to cover the postage cost.  Most items have a limit of one per customer to make it it fairer for everyone.

If you’re not already a “liker” of my facebook page, please check that out, as I do updates there more regularly.

Sneak peek of some of the items you could grab for free!

Dscn4756 Dscn4768 Dscn4769

Dscn4773 Dscn4777 Dscn4779

o_Obstarsack_candystripes o_Obstarsack_bluebutterfly o_Obstarsack_bluefarm obstar_xmasnymph_whitetree2  ObsidianStar_pirate_red

Obstarearring_spiralpurple2b Obstar_bracelet_heart1

Xmas Sale & Closing for the Holidays

Midnight Friday I’ll be closing my store for a break over the Xmas period – but I’m having one last quick sale on Xmas stock to finish up the year. If you want to make sure you receive the items in time for Xmas, I would suggest choosing express post, but I make no guarantees packages will arrive in time.

I’m also the “Freebie Friday store on CPS, where I’m offering a free pantyliner on any order placed on CPS on Friday.  So it’s a little confusing, so here’s the details.

On Cloth Pad Shop
Get a free pantyliner with any order (of any of my products) from my Cloth Pad Shop store only – and also get 15% off all Xmas pads and Breast pads if you enter “freebiefriday” at the checkout.

On my Website
http://www.obsidianstar.com.au (Xmas stuff here – http://www.obsidianstar.com.au/category/52)
Get 15% off all Xmas themed stock when you enter the discount code “xmas” in the discount box at the checkout.

Please note that the free pantyliner offer is only valid for purchases made on my Cloth Pad Shop store – However as I have spread my Xmas stock between the two stores, if you order from both stores you will still qualify for the free pantyliner – so long as you use the right discount codes on each store.

So the Freebie Friday offer finishes on Friday Midnight (Melbourne Australia time) – which is when my stores will close until February.  and I will try to ship out any packages on Sat morning (however registered post and International packages may need to wait until Monday to go out).

Xmas themed stock

Ahoy there me hearties! Pirate Pad Giveaway! – Closed

Yaaar!  T’ celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day, there be some new pads in t’ store.


an’ I be givin’ away 2 “seconds” pirate AIO pads!

(T’ overlocking be a little messy, that be all… )

If ye land lubbers want to grab one of ’em – ye be needing to comment here, in yer best pirate talk….. and tell me (Capt’n Obsi)  why me good pads should be goin’ home on yer skurvy old ship with ye.  I’ll give ye until 8pm on Wed 26th Sep to get yer comments scribbled down on this here blog…. an’ then I be drawing 2 winners from the answers I think Arrr t’ best.  Capt’n decision is final!  Ye can make as many entries as ye like. Ye will need to be addin’ yer e-mail address to ye comment, so I can contact t’ winners.  So hoist t’ main sail, an git to work!

Celebration Giveaway! – CLOSED