Introducing the Obsidian Nouveau!

After chatting with Rebecca from Handmade by Glow, about how cool an art nouveau styled image frame I’d used would look made into a pad.  I worked on creating a pad pattern from it, and she turned it into a downloadable/printable pad pattern – which we’ve named the Obsidian Nouveau!


I’m now immortalised in the pad world as a fancy pad pattern!   Wooo !!! 😀

Psst, you’ll find a couple of these in my store, and I’ll add more from time to time.


Christmas, Star Wars and Geisha – Ohh My!

My last restocking for the year and I’ve made some pretties for you 😀

First up, the most important reason to celebrate in December…….. that’s right……  Rogue One!!!! 😀

Ok no.. Just kidding, I mean Christmas (no… I really mean Rogue One)… 😀

So for all you fellow Star Wars fans, I have some very special pads!  Made from an adorable Knitorious custom print!

obsidianstar_neophyte_sw1storm1a obsidianstar_neophyte_sw1vader

As well as a couple of other pads in Star Wars fabrics.

obsidianstar_maiden_sw01 obsidianstar_priestess_sw01a obsidianstar_maiden_sw03

I’ve also marked down some of my older Star Wars pads, check those out here:


Then pads for the other celebration in December – Christmas! 😀

You’ll find these pads on my Cloth Pad Shop store

I’m also having a special on older Christmas pads, find them here

obsidianstar_neophyte_reindeer obsidianstar_neophyte_angels2

obsidianstar_nymph_redbluecat obsidianstar_nymph_redbluetree

obsidianstar_nymph_purplestocking obsidianstar_nymph_purplextree

(Yes, of course I have purple Christmas fabric!)

And last but not least….. just for a bit of fun, some Geisha and Tattoo Girls




Also some Mini pads

obsidianstar_mini_blackmaroon obsidianstar_mini_paisleyvelvet2 obsidianstar_mini_pinwale01b

obsidianstar_mini_ponies obsidianstar_mini_treeoflife-green obsidianstar_mini_treeoflife-red


I’ve spread the products over my 2 stores – my Obsidian Star website and my Cloth Pad Shop store.  If you would like to purchase items from both stores, place both orders and make payment for both orders.  I will then refund any excess postage from posting your 2 orders together.


Pads like the Geisha, Tattoo girls and SugarSW ones have been specially cut to make the most of the print, so they are priced higher due to the fabric being pricey as well as the extra wastage of cutting them like that.

Now open!

The stores are now reopened!

I’ve got some new stock added, find that here:


You’ll also find some specials on at the moment…

15% off all Xmas stock


50% off all Lunchbags, 40% off Aprons & other savings

And the special “Freebie Friday” category, where you can grab some stuff for cost of postage only:


I also have some pads and wetbags for sale, where the proceeds from the sales will be sent to Days for Girls

Freebie Friday Garage Sale

I’ve been really busy for the last few months and not had a chance to make much new stock 😦  And I’ve had to close my stores down for a bit while I was busy with life stuff too…

But I am reopening tomorrow, and I’m having a little clean out.  So tomorrow at around 8pm Melbourne (Australian) time I’ll be having a bit of a garage sale!

I have some old (and very old) stock that I’ve had sitting around not sure what to do with… I felt throwing it out was just a waste, so I thought I’d give it away.  You just need to cover the postage cost.  Most items have a limit of one per customer to make it it fairer for everyone.

If you’re not already a “liker” of my facebook page, please check that out, as I do updates there more regularly.

Sneak peek of some of the items you could grab for free!

Dscn4756 Dscn4768 Dscn4769

Dscn4773 Dscn4777 Dscn4779

o_Obstarsack_candystripes o_Obstarsack_bluebutterfly o_Obstarsack_bluefarm obstar_xmasnymph_whitetree2  ObsidianStar_pirate_red

Obstarearring_spiralpurple2b Obstar_bracelet_heart1

— Edited — All tester slots now taken, thank you :)

I’ve got a new pad shape I’ve been playing around with…  but it’s slightly different and more flared shape than pads I’ve made before, So I’d like to get a couple of testers to check it out and see if works for other people too 🙂

All tester spots have now been taken, thank you


For the Love of Chocolate

Gossamer Dreams is an online collective of guest stores, who stock for one night, once a month with a different theme each time.

I’m one of the guests for this month, and the theme is CHOCOLATE 😀

Have a look at the lovely chocolatey goodies up for offer.   They will be available to purchase at 8pm tonight!


OStar_Choc1c OStar_Choc1a

Fabric “bucket”


OStar_Choc3a OStar_Choc4a

Mini pad sets



OStar_Choc2c OStar_Choc2b

Pad Set


Snap 24 Hour Sale! 40-50% off!!!

For the next 24 hours, get 40% off all instock items using the discount code “40%sale”  (valid on orders over $20)

Don’t forget that I have more than just pads!  maybe treat yourself to some new jewellery (or buy some to put away as gifts)



Reusable lunch bags and wraps:

… and because, to be honest, the Selena Fenech/Jessica Galbreth fantasy products have been hanging around for ages and I’d like to make space for other things, you can get a massive 50% off all that stock (found in the category below) using the discount code “flyawayfairy”

So that will get you some lovely items like these gorgeous mousepads (and others):

Beautiful necklaces:

Heavy duty canvass tote bags:

The 40% and fairy discount can’t be used at the same time because the cart only lets you use one discount at a time – if you wanted to order fairy stuff and regular stuff, I’m afraid you’ll have to do 2 separate orders.  So order just the fairy stuff in one order and then place another order for the rest of the stuff.  If you are overcharged on postage I will refund the extra.