I wanted to make a blog post addressing this topic, as it’s something that is discussed a lot, with a lot of pad brands.  When people talk about cloth pads “bunching” they are generally meaning 1 of 2 things.  Either the back fabric of the pad “bunching”, or the pad “bunching” the underwear fabric when the pad is snapped onto the underwear.


Reusable Gift Bags


Make your own fabric wrappings and do away with using single use wrapping paper!


Reusable Cards

It’s coming up to Xmas time again, and again I have the struggle with the phenomenal wastage that occurs. We’ve already switched to reusable wrappings a few years ago (we use fabric bags and roll-hemmed fabric for using like wrapping paper – and after people unwrap their gifts, we just ask for the wrappings back and use them next year), but the card situation always poses a problem.

So I’m going to give fabric reusable cards a go.  And I thought I’d share a tutorial on how to make them with you.