Autumn Stocking

Halloween Stocking

The store has exploded with a huge amount of Halloween and Sugar Skull themed pads!

Find these (and more) at

Special edition “Harry Potter” themed set

This set features 5 cloth pads made from different “Harry Potter” themed fabrics in 3 sizes.  With a pad drying strap, bracelet and a bookmark with wizardy charms on each end.  A fantastic Christmas present for a Potter fan!

Yaaaaaar – There’d be Pirate Pads!

September stocking!

Added loads of new pads!
Pantyliners in singles and sets, Adjustable absorbency pads, light and regular pads, and some uber long heavy night/post partum pads.

Also from now on my Cloth Pad Shop store will be linking to my website for the sales, so rather than having my pads split between both stores, all the pads will be listed on my website and you can order there, and my CPS store will show some of my products and link you to my site to buy them.

This saves you having to browse both sites to find everything I have, and stops me occasionally selling out of something because I accidentally listed the same thing on both sites 😀 (*ahem*)


June Stocking

New pads added on my Cloth Pad Shop store and my website!


Casey Green Kids Expo

Had a great day at the Casey Green Kids Expo today!

Lovely little free kids/sustainability expo the council does each year – to help promote green options – and guess what!?! They told me today that in addition to their cloth nappy rebate program (where you can claim a rebate on cloth nappies, to encourage people to use them) they will be including a rebate on reusable menstrual products!!!!! Wooo!!!! So that will encourage people in the city of Casey to switch to reusable menstrual products.

Go Casey!

When they have the program running (they said about a month) I’ll post again with more info.

(Knox council {where I am} needs to introduce that  )


Cloth Pad Shop had a stall at MummyCon MummyCon (Melbourne 3rd March 2018)

We had about 200 cloth pads!!!! as well as breast pads, Lunette menstrual cups, wetbags and assorted other goodies!

Do you like our subtle tablecloth fabric – I saw it at Spotlight and I was like “OMG IT’S PADS!!!

Menstrual Activism badges!

Flow Loud and proud with these Menstrual Activism badges!

Rainbows and other things

Available at: and