Restocked with a small selection of pads ranging from gliners and mini pantyliners right up to the 38cm heavy absorbency Goddess pads. Find them now at


Halloween Stocking

Restocked with a small selection of general themed pads, and a bunch of Halloween and Sugar Skull pads! Find them now at

Menstrual Hygiene Day!

To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene day I’m giving away 3 Menstrual bracelets, all period related badges are half price – and I’ve added over 30 new pads and new look cycle charting bracelets!


May The 4th

Fandom Stocking – Get your Geek on!



New stock now up! Over 100 new pads added!

I didn’t have a chance to add everything I’d planned to, so I’ll be having another one on the 21st with a theme – FANDOMS!

So that’ll be Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Dr Who, Superheroes (eg Marvel & DC characters) and Video Games! Getting all my geeky fabrics out

I’m also offering a hold/combining order service. Since I don’t want people to waste money on postage if they want to buy something from this stocking but also wait to see if there’s anything in next stocking they want too, I’m happy to hold your order until the next stocking, and if you want to swap something you’d ordered for something new, or add to your order – we can do that

Here’s a selection of some of the new pads

Long time no post (again!)

I’m finally getting my sewing supplies unpacked and starting to sew again to do a restocking!

My sewing room in the new house isn’t able to be set up the same way the old one was, so I have much less storage (and a LOT of fabric). So unpacking my sewing supplies had been in the “too hard basket” because I didn’t know where to put everything to make sure my fabrics were protected from the light and to try and fit everything in!

This was the room empty, it’s now filled with tables and a computer desk!  Small room but a pretty view and nice wooden floors (my old sewing room had carpet, this is much better!)   There is a 3 door wardrobe on the left side of the photo, so that’s been great to store things in.   It was also already painted with purple walls — MEANT TO BE!

My old sewing room had one small window and open shelving on every wall. I kept the curtains closed all the time to keep the sun from damaging the fabric, but my new room is nice – so I don’t want to spoil that by keeping the curtains closed, so I’ve just bought 2 new cupboards with doors (Hello IKEA billy bookcases!), so I can store most of my fabrics in there away from the sun!  Once I cover the glass panels with fabric.  The rest of the fabric will stay in the wardrobe.

Just waiting on some comic backing boards so I can arrange all my fabrics into pretty mini-bolts, then I’ll be able to show photos!

The last 6 months have been quite eventful! Lots of ups and downs.

I LOVE the new house. We have king parrots that will eat seed out of my hand! (one morning I had one in each hand!) 🥰

Every window has a pleasing view, I often just stand there appreciating it. I was making a cup of tea one day when about 4 wrens started playing around in the tree opposite the kitchen. Lots of lovely birds, nice and peaceful. The nextdoor neighbour hosted a Xmas street party where we met everyone in the street and everyone was friendly and nice!

The public transport system here isn’t as convenient as our old house though. MiniObsi used to walk to school but now I have to drive them, so that’s an hour round trip for me, twice a day – which eats up quite a lot of my day.

The week we moved in (August) we had a gas leak we had to get fixed. Then a couple of days before Halloween we had a water pipe burst that resulted in us having to replace the entire water and gas lines (that was EXPENSIVE! and we had workmen here every day for over a week digging up the yard). So we couldn’t have the Halloween party we’d planned – so that was a shame.

We hosted our family Christmas party (about 15 people), which was great! (I’d been looking forward to that aspect of moving house, since our old house had no entertaining space). I also went crazy and made us a Harry Potter themed Xmas tree


Potter tree 😀

I went a bit insane and knitted house scarves and made a bunch of small books and decorations and things 🙂  Took me a couple of weeks to do it all.

We like to have a themed tree each year, so we’re doing Steampunk next, then Dr Who, then I think we’re going back to Star Wars (which we did the year before)

(Click the image for a larger view)



At the start of January I went on a cruise I’d organised with 100 ladies from a women’s social club (Red Hatters) – which was great fun (but a lot of planning).

Then we got hit with mud rain that filled our pool with red mud which was a real hassle to get out – because of the way the pool is plumbed even if we dump the water it still goes through the filter, and the mud particles are so fine it’s been a challenge to get it all out. It took MONTHS!   We had to keep vacuuming it out dumping the water, topping the water up, vacuum again…. Then our pool pump died (possibly from all that) and we had to get that replaced.

Our cat got sick then got better for a month, and got sick again 😦   (plumbing issues 😛 Hopefully he’s on the mend now though!)  and dog is old (16) and has developed a breathing problem (due to his age), so he spends most of his day now sleeping on his bed/crate inside. But he also seems to be suffering something like dementia, and his throat issue makes him drink more – so I spend a *LOT* of time letting him in and out because we don’t have a doggy door for him and the Vet thinks he’s forgetting that he has already gone out to pee, and also when he gets out he forgets to go pee and comes back in, then wants out again a minute later when he remembers he didn’t go 🙄 — so it’s frustratingly in and out all day – but what can you do. Poor old thing!

— So there has been a lot going on in the Obsi household! I’m only now able to get back into sewing again…… now that we’re all supposed to be staying home, seems like I’ll have plenty of time to sew!

Long time no post

Well, it’s been an adventure! After suddenly finding the cracks in our house were serious and we were better off moving than repairing (because we didn’t like the house anyway, and it was going to need restumping and other expensive repairs). We eventually found a new house we love and have moved!

We’ve only been in the new house a month, so not yet unpacked everything – but getting there. Luckily it’s a bit too chilly at the moment to be distracted by the POOL!!!! (I’ve always wanted a pool, and now we have one, I feel so posh! ) And we have solar panels! Which I’ve always wanted!!

It’s not an area we would have chosen to move to (it’s lovely, but it’s further from public transport than we’d like) – but I’d seen photos online and loved the (pool) house and when we went to see it, it just felt right! It’s lovely and peaceful here – lots of birds and I have a little pond of fish and a lot of garden (pray I don’t kill anything! I have a terrible black thumb!!)

So, I’ve reopened my store. I’ll be adding Halloween themed pads next week. But I’m not sure I’ll have a chance to make new pads this year at all, I really need to finish unpacking and setting up the house – I also have MiniObsi’s 16th birthday in 2 weeks (so not so Mini any more!) and now we have a new house that has entertaining space, we’re now having a Halloween party – so Mini and I have a lot of preparation to do for that, and we’re going to host the family Christmas party (which I’d been wanting to do for years but didn’t have a house that worked for that).

Busy busy!

Moving House

Unfortunately we have to move house 😦  We’ve always had some cracks in the walls and doors sticking in doorframes – which we put down to being an old house on clay soil.  But a couple of weeks ago we had a very large crack open up in the main hallway of the house and we discovered that the front and back brickwork had shifted away from the house and is in danger of falling off.  We called in an engineer to assess the house, and the problem is that we need to do some major structural works done, and since we’ve never really liked the house anyway, we’ve decided to just move instead.

So this means we need to pack up our considerable amount of stuff 😀  to get the house ready for open homes and moving – which means we need to fill my sewing/stock room with boxes to store them until we move.

At this stage I have no idea how long this process will take, but I have to close until after we’ve moved.   Keep an eye on my facebook page and I’ll post a reopening when I’m settled in.

Halloween Stocking

The store has exploded with a huge amount of Halloween and Sugar Skull themed pads!

Find these (and more) at