Moving House

Unfortunately we have to move house 😦  We’ve always had some cracks in the walls and doors sticking in doorframes – which we put down to being an old house on clay soil.  But a couple of weeks ago we had a very large crack open up in the main hallway of the house and we discovered that the front and back brickwork had shifted away from the house and is in danger of falling off.  We called in an engineer to assess the house, and the problem is that we need to do some major structural works done, and since we’ve never really liked the house anyway, we’ve decided to just move instead.

So this means we need to pack up our considerable amount of stuff 😀  to get the house ready for open homes and moving – which means we need to fill my sewing/stock room with boxes to store them until we move.

At this stage I have no idea how long this process will take, but I have to close until after we’ve moved.   Keep an eye on my facebook page and I’ll post a reopening when I’m settled in.

Halloween Stocking

The store has exploded with a huge amount of Halloween and Sugar Skull themed pads!

Find these (and more) at

Special edition “Harry Potter” themed set

This set features 5 cloth pads made from different “Harry Potter” themed fabrics in 3 sizes.  With a pad drying strap, bracelet and a bookmark with wizardy charms on each end.  A fantastic Christmas present for a Potter fan!

Yaaaaaar – There’d be Pirate Pads!

September stocking!

Added loads of new pads!
Pantyliners in singles and sets, Adjustable absorbency pads, light and regular pads, and some uber long heavy night/post partum pads.

Also from now on my Cloth Pad Shop store will be linking to my website for the sales, so rather than having my pads split between both stores, all the pads will be listed on my website and you can order there, and my CPS store will show some of my products and link you to my site to buy them.

This saves you having to browse both sites to find everything I have, and stops me occasionally selling out of something because I accidentally listed the same thing on both sites 😀 (*ahem*)


June Stocking

New pads added on my Cloth Pad Shop store and my website!


Introducing the Obsidian Nouveau!

After chatting with Rebecca from Handmade by Glow, about how cool an art nouveau styled image frame I’d used would look made into a pad.  I worked on creating a pad pattern from it, and she turned it into a downloadable/printable pad pattern – which we’ve named the Obsidian Nouveau!


I’m now immortalised in the pad world as a fancy pad pattern!   Wooo !!! 😀

Psst, you’ll find a couple of these in my store, and I’ll add more from time to time.


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s probably not escaped your notice that the 13th Doctor (in the TV show Dr Who) is going to be a woman!  (yay!)

So since I’m a Whovian, and supporter of female equality, it’s quite a cause for celebration I thought, so I organised the Cloth Pad Shop ladies to do a bit of a snap Dr Who inspired stocking to celebrate!  Which we did last Sunday (and I forgot to post about it until now)  But there’s still some DrWho themed pads left!  😀  I also made some Whovian badges/buttons!

Some of the other pretties from the CPS stores:

(I had to buy that TARDIS shaped pad for MiniObsi!  She loves it!!!)


Game Of Pads!

Cloth Pad Shop had a combined Game of Thrones inspired stocking to celebrate the season return of the show!  Some of the sellers have stocked AMAZING pads in special GoT themed fabric!  I didn’t have anything specifically GoT, but I had some dragons and medieval themed prints, so I added pads in those!   There’s still a few things left, so go grab them now! 😉 😀

Some of the other pretties from the CPS stores:

Mega restocking!

It’s been a while since I did a big stocking, my store was pretty low!

So I’ve restocked on my CPS store and my Obsidian Star Website